About Veta

Veta – is an Estonian clothing brand that incorporates a unique style, comfort of natural materials and classic knitting and sewing quality.

Since 1996, a unique collection of clothing for each day, primarily from high quality knitwear, is being produced under the brand name Veta.

Only natural materials such as linen, cotton, viscose, silk, woolen yarn and fabrics that are procured from leading European manufacturers are used in Veta products.

All Veta models are distinguished by their original design, while modern knitting and sewing equipment ensures that Veta products are always top-quality.

Veta has its own network of stores in Estonia as well as Russia and Mexico.


“Veta” and “Veta for Men” shops offer clothing and accessories for both men and women who appreciate elegance and natural materials. Veta collections offer something for everyone regardless of age.


Environmentally friendly. We only use natural materials (linen, wool, cotton, viscose).

Unique. Our company – is of the few who manufacture knitted fabrics (knitting clothes) from flax.

Exclusivity. Veta collections are only made in small batches.

Know-how. We know all the secrets of quality seasonal knitwear production: flax – for summer, wool – for fall and winter. Our own facilities in Tallinn allow us to continually update our collections.

Quality. For garments creation we use fabrics and yarn from proven European suppliers.


Veta collections are constantly updated. From season to season, they embody the maximum concentration of fresh ideas – for your comfort and good mood! By choosing Veta – you choose uniqueness in your personal style, thanks to our brand collection’s exclusivity and small batches.

It’s easy to stay trendy with Veta: our designers constantly follow the latest fashion ideas and implement them in their collections.

The summer season

Warming when it’s cool, refreshing in the heat, linen is the ideal material for the summer season. Veta offers clothing not only sewn from natural linen fibers – linen knitwear is a mandatory attribute in each of the brand’s collections. Unique collection of linen knitwear by Veta convey the fantastic beauty of the most delicate modulations of this unusual material.

Veta clothes made of linen will make you look elegant every day. Feel comfortable in the heat, as well as protect you from unnecessary exposure to solar radiation. Eco-friendly linen has many unique qualities, resulting in a beneficial effect on your health and well-being.

The collection “Fall-Winter”

This collection includes products made of wool, which will warm you during cold autumn and winter days. Through the use of the latest knitting technology, we managed to achieve high quality products and expand the range of products offered.

In Veta stores, you will find a variety of wardrobe items: hats and scarves, classic tops and cardigans for everyday wear, as well as exclusive product lineups or even one of a kind offerings.

Only the highest quality yarn from the best European manufacturers is used in all knitted Veta products.

Additionally, Veta stores offer a variety of accessories. Veta brand offers a wide choice of scarves, handbags, belts and jewelry.


Veta and Veta for Men are trademarks owned by Calisto Varahaldur. The parent company sports its own sewing and knitting production in Tallinn.

If you have experience in the textile industry and you want to represent the Veta brand in your area, send us a request with a brief description of your previous work. We will contact you as soon as possible.