Veta knitting factory

Veta knitting factory was founded in 1996 on the basis of one of the oldest Tallinn knitting workshops. Today this a modern factory with automated knitting machines and a large fleet of various sewing machines for knitted and ordinary weaved fabrics.

Our services

We offer a full scale of services :

  • yarn selection,
  • program development,
  • sample production
  • full production cycle and delivery to the client.

The development of any new model begins with yarn selection. Based on our long experience with knitting and co-operation with the best yarn producers in Italy, Germany, and Japan, we will find the best model for your collection. We will help you to select the yarn and place the order with the producer.

Our factory has a vast experience of using merino wool and 100% linen yarns in knitting. We are among the few factories using 100% linen, as it is a very complicated material to process, therefore not every factory wants and, what is more important, can work with it.

Programming in knitwear production

Any production cycle begins with making sample patterns and developing programs for knitting machines. We use М1 Plus software from Stoll knitting machine producer for programming. Thus, we can create unique knitted patterns, complicated Jacquard figures, overlap sample patterns, and make Fully fashion products and seamless integrally knitted Knit and Wear garments.



We use a Stoll machine to knit parts of the final product. There are machines with 12th, 7th, and 3rd gauge needles at our factory. Stoll machines are known for producing high quality knitted fabric, reliable and fast operation, which allows us to produce both small and big batches quickly. The machines can create patterns of any complexity, structure, and size.


Sewing knitted fabric

With our equipment, we can make knitted products and also process thin and thick knitted fabric. We have made many kinds of products:

  • beanies
  • scarves
  • poncho
  • cardigans
  • sweaters
  • trousers
  • dresses
  • jackets
  • linen hometextile
  • linen clothes

We use linking machines to assemble Fully fashion articles, where the edges of the parts do not need overlocking. Assembling with linking machines is labour-consuming; therefore, we use this technology mainly for high-quality and more expensive products.

Our high-skilled specialists are very strict about the agreed terms and technologies. The production time depends on the complication and the number of products, and we define it case-by-case. Our primary advantage is flexibility, i.e., we make a wide range of products and quickly adapt to what market demands.

Please contact us about co-operation, orders, and producing your collection via contact form here.